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Information about the celebration

The whole thing is an experiment. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, we will answer a few questions and explain the code of conduct. If something is still unclear, if you have any suggestions, feedback or requests, please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

  • Workshops (depending on the event)

  • Dance floor

  • Cozy corner

  • Solo zone

  • A bar with wonderful delicacies

  • Great people

  • Electronic music

  • Blinky Light art

What may I wear?

We want the evening to be something very special. We would like everyone to take part in this.
So: Come pretty, come fancy, come as a unicorn, come naked, bring nail polish + lipstick, come as drag, wear your most secret lingerie. Dare to leave the caterpillars at home and make your most beautiful butterfly shine. Of course, you don't have to leave your comfort zone, you don't have to show skin if you don't like it. You will surely think of something else sensual. 


You dance barefoot or with socks, but not in shoes.
Every costume is welcome - but an outfit is expected!

Not allowed: shoes, streetwear, body paint and glitter.

What is a sex positive party?

A place where people can meet in a safeR environment to celebrate their preferences or indulge their inclinations. It's about celebrating all sexualities and bodies and being mindful of each other. Openness, diversity, freedom, and love are very important. Whether male, female, homo- or heterosexual, trans, non-binary, pan- or asexual - everyone is welcome here. All consensual sexual acts are considered positive. There are cosy corners, meeting zones, and solo zones. The focus is on the dance floor which offers space for sensual encounters.

Is this a sex party?

This is not a sex or swingers party. We want to celebrate sensuality and encounters. Sexuality in the classic sense is currently not allowed. There will be no penetration or orgasms.

Can everyone come?

No, we reserve the right to refuse entry at the door. We have no place for racism, transphobia, homophobia or other careless or inhuman behavior.

Refund Policy

You can cancel your ticket within 14 days of purchase without giving a reason. But not 2 days before the event. Please contact us to cancel your ticket.  

Code of Conduct

Who is welcome?

No matter what sexual orientation, what gender, what origin, what type of relationship etc. you have, you are very welcome.

We have absolutely no acceptance for racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, body-shaming,  recklessness, dishonesty,  dirty underwear and other hostilities.


We take ourselves and our fellow human beings consciously. We enjoy the current moments. Not only that, but we are completely in the here and now, without any judgement. We perceive with everything that goes with it: body and mind, feelings and sensory impressions. We respect the boundaries of others and communicate our own.


We are honest with each other, i.e. we follow our impulses and show our limits! We respect every no, and say thank you. Only a clear YES is a YES. We regularly check that the agreements made are still valid. Consent once given can be withdrawn at any time and without justification.

If consent is violated, you will be immediately expelled from the premises and banned from future events.

Consent traffic light

With the traffic light code, we can always say in a short word what we want and receive clear messages from our counterpart:

  • GREEN: Feel free to keep doing what you are doing! You can also intensify it!

  • YELLOW: What you are doing right now is reaching one of my limits. Please slow down or stop! I have to feel into it to see if I like it. I'll let you know if you should change anything.

  • RED: Stop what you are doing and get completely out of touch for a moment! After that, maybe we can start the encounter again!


Access is only from the age of 18. If in doubt, we will check your age at the door. We reserve the right to refuse entry without giving reasons. In the event of misconduct or non-observance of the rules, exclusion may also occur during the event.

Money Back

If we deny you entry at the door or because of the questionnaire, we will refund the full ticket price. If we ask you  to leave during the event, we reserve the right to withhold the ticket price.


Everything we experience here, stays here. If we tell others something, then only about our own experiences, without revealing anything about other participants. We respect the privacy of all visitors.


Photos are beautiful, but the best memories stay in our heads. Since we want to party wildly and want to be who we want to be and respect the privacy of others, photos are absolutely forbidden!


We reserve the right to restrict the alcohol consumption of guests if there is a relevant danger or impairment to the consuming person or third party. In addition, we us adhere to the locally applicable Youth Protection Act.

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