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Dancen und Schmusen! die sex-positive Techno Party

The event

What is this about?

Throw the furniture out the window, we need space to dance and kiss!


Dear friends of electronic dance music,

welcome to Dancing and Kissing!, the sex-positive techno party!

Let's dive into sensuality and encounters! In the new location, the Lendloft, we are having a party for everyone who wants to dress up, be sexier, meet and be sensual: a party of love, mindfulness and honesty! ❤ We want to enjoy the moment, celebrate pleasure, treat each other with care, let our imagination run wild, pursue our curiosity, express our sensuality.

Tickets are available at the bottom of this page! Please read this description so you know what to expect. There will be no box office, so you need to buy a ticket here if you want to come.

And what does that mean exactly?

What will we offer you? What can you expect? What do we assume and what do we want from you? Here we try to answer all your questions and give you an insight into what we have planned.

Dress code

We want the evening to be something very special. We would like everyone to take part in this.
So: Come pretty, come fancy, come as a unicorn, come naked, bring nail polish + lipstick, come as drag, wear your most secret lingerie. Dare, leave the caterpillars at home and make your most beautiful butterfly shine. Of course, you don't have to leave your comfort zone, you don't have to show skin if you don't like it. You will surely think of something sensual. 

You dance barefoot or with socks, but not in shoes.
Every costume is welcome - but a costume is expected!

Rule of thumb: If you can wear it in the office or on the streets, it is not suitable.


Not allowed: shoes, streetwear, body paint and glitter.


In addition to the best music, we want to kiss much more. We want to create a space in which we can be who we want to be, in which we feel good, in which we like to be. Let's invite love, tenderness, mindfulness and enjoy it. We want to dance, cuddle, love and kiss.

But we have to look out for each other and respect a 'no'. Before we do anything, we seek consent.

If you or someone else is not feeling well, or if someone is misbehaving, please contact the team or the bar immediately. We are here for you. We have absolutely no place for racism, sexism, homo- and transphobia, recklessness, dishonesty and dirty underwear.

What are you expecting?

* Consent Workshops

* Connection Games

* Intimacy Rituals
* Dance floor
* Cozy corner
* Solo zone
* A bar with wonderful delicacies
* Great people
* Music
* Light art


There are two agreements for our evening:

1. Consensus

We are honest with each other, ie we follow our impulses and show our limits! With the traffic light code, we can always say in a short word what we want and receive clear messages from our counterpart:

GREEN: Feel free to keep doing what you are doing! You can also intensify it!

YELLOW: What you are doing right now is reaching one of my limits. Please slow down or stop! I have to feel into it to see if I like it. I'll let you know if you should change anything.

RED: Stop what you are doing and get completely out of touch for a moment! After that, maybe we can start the encounter again!


2. Live in the moment

Nothing we do that night has any binding consequences for the future, ie if we dance together it does not mean that we kiss. And when we kiss, it doesn't mean we're exchanging phone numbers or going home together, having sex, or getting married and having kids - it just means we both feel like kissing right now - nothing else and it doesn't affect the future!

Audiovisual stimulation

There's the typical DBSM - DemBambiSeiMudder sound for your eyes and ears: hard, dirty, melodic, deep, danceable. Electro, Techno, Dirty. The later, the harder.
Also, there again, of course: DemBambiSeiMudder's LEDs, with which a multi-sensory firework is offered. 😉

Who is inviting?


DemBambiSeiMudder, many also know him as Oz , is a DJ, light artist and crazy. Not only is he the creative mind and space creator behind Dancen und Schmusen!, he has also (co-)organized various other S+ events. He has worked intensively on the topics of anti-sexist awareness and trauma awareness in order to make places as safe and inclusive as possible. He recently graduated from Sensual Arts School and is currently participating in Consent Academy's Consent and Leadership series.


Kali is a wild child who believes in the celebration of the body and bringing desires to life. Leaving the corporate world, her path led her to trainings in India and Spain to share multi-styled yoga practices (Kundalini-Hatha/Hot Vinyasa). Her interest in the body brought Reiki and Somatic Attachment Therapy as modalities she offers. Becoming a woman’s circle facilitator through the Sistership Circle, her passion for creating spaces of permission and vulnerability as a shared value grew. Having graduated from the Sensual Arts School, she has immersed herself to be of service in facilitator training, and multiple retreats: curating journeys that blend connection to spirit and sensuality.


We would like to invite everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, preferences, origin, relationship model, etc. We have no room for homophobia, racism, body-shaming, or any kind of hatred, but also not for dishonesty.
Unfortunately, the Lendloft can only be reached via stairs. If this is a problem for you, please contact us, and we can consider whether there is a solution.

No Photo Policy

Photos are beautiful, but the best memories stay in our heads. Since we want to party wildly and want to be who we want to be and respect the privacy of others, photos are absolutely forbidden!


This is not a sex or swingers party. We want to celebrate sensuality and encounters. Sexuality in the classic sense is not allowed. There will be no penetration or orgasms.


This is not a sober event. Do what you want. If you feel like it, we have alcoholic drinks for you at the bar. However, we ask that you only consume so much that you can still perceive and respect your boundaries.
Your own boundaries and the boundares of others.

Sexual health

We encourage regular STI (sexually transmitted infections) testing. It is not compulsory to participate in this event as there will be no sexual contact. However, we are aware that the topic of sexual health is still stigmatised and want to promote an open dialogue and approach to it.

Bring along

Please bring a bag or backpack to store your street clothes in during the event. For smokers we recommend a sarong or kimono so that you don't get too cold outside. In addition, the terrace can be seen from several sides.


You want to help, contribute, perform something, show your art? Please contact us!


We are open to questions, suggestions, ideas, feedback, requests and criticism. Please write us a message anytime. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Dancen und Schmusen! Passion Playground
Dancen und Schmusen! Passion Playground
Passion Playground: a playful space to explore, dance, connect, and express your sensuality. Dresscode: Kinky Clubwear
23 Mar 2024, 17:00 – 24 Mar 2024, 00:30
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