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Dancen und Schmusen! Passion Playground
Dancen und Schmusen! Passion Playground

Sa., 23. März


LendLOVED, Graz

Dancen und Schmusen! Passion Playground

Passion Playground: a playful space to explore, dance, connect, and express your sensuality. Dresscode: Kinky Clubwear

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Zeit & Ort

23. März 2024, 17:00 – 24. März 2024, 00:30

LendLOVED, Graz, Lendpl. 40, 8020 Graz, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung

Dear sensual friends of electronic dance music, dancing, and heartfelt connections,

"Dancing and Schmusen!", the sex-positive techno party, is back, and we're excited to unlock the doors once again to get sensual. So get your tickets now!

We are thrilled to invite you to our unique event, "Passion Playground: a playful SPACE to explore, dance, connect, and express your sensuality", a sex-positive celebration of openness, exploration, and shared passion. This soulful affair will unite a varied community of bold individuals who cherish the exploration of human connection and the joys it brings.

You are invited to explore all aspects of sensuality: meeting pleasure, solo or relating with others. This is a s-positive, body-positive, consent-based space open to all sexes & genders. Let's immerse ourselves in the allure of shared human experiences, the thrill of exploring, and the boldness to connect. This celebration is for everyone who wants to embrace their sensuality, meet new people, express their desires, and be mindful of each other: a party of love, mindfulness, and honesty!  We want to live in the moment, celebrate the joy of connection, and be mindful of each other. We encourage the free flow of imagination, curiosity, and sensual expression.

Dress code: Kinky Clubwear

You are invited to dress in a bold, provocative style, incorporating elements like leather, latex, harnesses, and daring cutouts. We encourage you to express your wildest, most adventurous fashion sense in a safeR and consensual party environment. Think of it as a blend of nightclub glamour with a touch of BDSM aesthetic, where outfits are as much about personal expression as they are about sensual attractiveness.

Come comfortable, come audacious, come as a representation of you. Don't be afraid to step out of your cocoon and let your kinky clubwear shine. Bring your vulnerability, your courage, your sensual side. However, remember that your comfort is important; there is no pressure to expose more skin than you're comfortable with. We're sure you can think of something that will make you feel sensual, yet comfortable.

At LendLOVED, feel free to tread barefoot or in socks, but please, no shoes inside.

While every interpretation of our theme is welcome, streetwear and casual clothing are strictly forbidden!

Not allowed: shoes, streetwear, body paint, and glitter.


We are happy to be celebrating at LendLoved and to support this amazing association for the promotion, research, development and design of regenerative, communal and creative living and development spaces.


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